Career Opportunities In Physical Education

physical education

What is Physical Education? 

A physical education program involves teaching students physical competence and knowledge about movement and safety, as well as their ability to apply these skills to a wide range of activities associated with a healthy, active lifestyle. The goal of physical education is to teach basic motor skills, games, and lifelong fitness activities as well as social and personal skills related to physical activities.

A course in Physical Education involves the study of a wide range of subjects, ranging from Philosophy to Information Technology. Each subject has a direct bearing on the performance of the students. Education in Physical Education prepares an individual for a variety of careers, including chiropractic and teaching, recreational leadership and athletic training, and dance therapy and sports management.

Perks Of Physical Education

  •  You can learn a variety of skills in sports, games, dance, swimming, and outdoor pursuits that you can share with others.
  •  Developing leadership, management, organizational, and communication skills are essential in any career interaction.
  •  Understand the human body, how it works, and how to apply that knowledge to improve sports performance, heal an injury, and make appropriate decisions about exercise and nutrition.
  •  Be aware of health principles and apply them to living a healthy life, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and environmentally

Skills Required For BEcoming P.E 

  • Dedication, hardwood is key in this field.
  • Aspirants must possess good athletic skills and demonstrate good health, physical coordination, and vitality.
  • Leadership skills 
  • Teaching skills 
  • Adaptability 
  • Time-management and determination 
  • Perceptual skill
  • Interpersonal skill 
  • Knowledge in health issues and physical activity 

Physical education: how to pursue it 

The Bachelor of Physical Education degree is only suitable for students interested in sports, fitness, and healthThe course lasts from 1 to 2 years or 3 to 4 years for undergraduate students. Those who complete this course can apply for postgraduate courses, such as an M.PEd, MBA (Sports Management), or a Ph.D. in physical education. 

 Eligibility Criteria: B.PEd  duration (1 to 2 yrs)

1. Students should graduate from a recognized college with a minimum percentage of 50 to 60%.

2. Students who study physical education as a major or have played sports at the college are eligible for admission.

3. candidates should be between 19 to 25 years old.

Students should have completed class 12 in any stream and scored 45 - 60 percent

 Students who study physical education as a major or have played sports at the college are eligible for admission.

candidates should be between 17 and more. However, physical education admissions are mainly based on performance in entrance examinations administered by universities and colleges.

B.PEd Entrance Exam :

Teachers who wish to pursue B.PEd should take the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET) that is conducted at state, university, or institute levels. There are four levels in this entrance exam and candidates were shortlisted for B.PEd on the basis of these four tests and their scores.

1. written Exam - This test is used to assess candidates' abilities in areas such as general aptitude, general knowledge, English, and science.

2. physical efficiency Test- This test is used to test a candidate's physical fitness. A physical test may include pull-ups, flexed leg situps, a shuttle run, a 600-yard run, and a standing broad jump 

3. Sports ability test - in this test candidates are assessed for the game on his/her choice.

4. Personal Interview- the interview round aimed at judging the overall personality of a candidate.

Career Opportunities In Physical Education :

Many careers are available in sports academies, health clubs, and sports goods manufacturing companies. Also, there are opportunities as a commentator, sports journalist, sports trainer, school/college teacher (physical education), etc.

Exercise Therapist, fitness specialist, personal fitness trainer, dance and aerobic instructor are all possible career opportunities in Physical Education

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