Career Opportunities in Sculpture


What is a sculpture and what do they do?

A sculpture is a piece of art created from materials like terracotta, stone, clay, wood, metal, etc. that represents a person, thing, or idea. An artist who sculpts manmade or natural objects has expertise in transforming them into art pieces. Primitive art has evolved with new forms. Culture, folk arts, religion, and traditions are the inspirations for the sculpture.

Education Qualification

It is necessary to have a graduate degree (B.F.A) in Sculpture before becoming a Sculptor. Private and government arts colleges across India offer degree and postgraduate degree courses. Additionally, many specialized art colleges offer a variety of certificates and short courses in sculpture, ceramics, etc.

Entrance exam For the Sculpture course 

Every college which offers BFA coursework conducts an exam for admission to sculpture courses. The following top colleges are holding BFA entrance exams for sculpture.

  •  Delhi University 

  • JNAFAU (Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University) 

  • RBU (Rabindra Bharati University) 

 Direct admission is also offered by many colleges.

Top colleges to pursue BFA 

  1. Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi

  2. Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, Delhi

  3. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

  4. Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU), Hyderabad

    Scholarships for sculpture studies 

  • The scheme by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India offers scholarships to young artists in various cultural fields

  • ICCR Scholarship Scheme by Indian Council for Cultural Relations

  • Lalit Kala Akademi Scholarship

  • Indian artists who wish to study in prestigious French institutes in the fields of visual arts may apply for scholarships from the Krishnakriti Foundation in Hyderabad and the French Embassy in India.

  • Inlaks Fine Arts Award gives young artists financial support during their formative years so that they can develop their creativity.

 Skills you need for sculpture 

  1. Dedication

  2. Expressive skills in Sculpturing

  3. Sculpturing experience

  4. Creativity

  5. Marketing ideas 

  6. .communication skills 

  7. Innovation skills 

  8. Focus  &Hardwork 

Sculptors work in what kind of environment?

An artist can work either as an employee of a firm or as a freelancer. Most often, these artists work in commercial art studios or warehouses where space is available for them to handle messy materials. Artists spend many months working on a sculpture before completing it.

Career Options in Sculpture 

A sculptor's career prospects are extremely good and there is a high demand for expert sculptors. The following careers are available in the sculpture field:

1. Sculptor / Modeler / Molder

 An artist who sculpts creates two- or three-dimensional art using a variety of materials including stone, wood, plastic, and paperclips.

2. Craft Artist / Freelance Artist

An artist who creates crafts for sale and exhibition uses a variety of materials and techniques. They can design their handmade objects for functional use or solely for aesthetic value, such as pottery, glassware, textiles, and other items.

3. Art or Craft Teacher

Learning objectives are taken into consideration when planning art and art history lessons. Setting up classroom equipment and gathering materials. Teaching students how to draw, color, and paint.

4. Metalworker 

Metalworkers operate machines to cut, cast, or mold metal by monitoring, adjusting, and controlling various basic or elaborate machines. There are countless parts created by this occupation that come in handy when making small items like automotive tools or large parts to construct a bridge.

 5. Stoneworker

A stonemason shapes rough pieces of rock or stone into geometric shapes and creates structures and/or works of art. Examples of structures include monuments, buildings, cathedrals, tombstones, etc.

6. Interior Decorator

An interior decorator helps clients select and arrange decorative elements such as paint, textiles, and furniture to create the look and feel they want for their home. ... They design a room within the clients' budget to make it come to life

7. Furniture Designer

Designing, creating, and testing furniture is the responsibility of a furniture designer, who specializes in industrial design. Furniture such as chairs, tables, bed frames, and sofas are often made from wood, metal, and other materials

Salary Range 

A person's remuneration in this field varies according to his or her qualifications, experience, and the area in which they work. One could get an initial payment of ₹7,000 to ₹10,000 per month.

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