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Career Opportunities

Career Options In Travel and Tourism 

 The tourism sector offers a very large scope of employment opportunities and a wide variety of employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors. In the public sector, opportunities are available in the Departments and Centres. The Centre and the State offer positions such as officers, information assistants, tourists guides, travel counselors, tour operators, and travel agents. The private sector offers jobs at airlines, hotels, shipping companies, and other companies involved in the travel industry.

How to Make a Career in Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism have many college and university programs in India that provide undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, diplomas, certificates, distance learning, and online courses. The tourist industry includes tourism management, tour operation, airline management, airline ticketing, and travel administration

There are diplomas in Travel and Tourism Management, Hospitality Management, Tourism Studies, Tourist Guide, and BBA in Tourism and Travel Management. There are also Master of Tourism Administration (MTA) and MBA in Travel and Tourism programs.

Eligibility Criteria

For Bachelor, Degree candidates should complete the Class XII examinations in any stream from a recognized board with a minimum aggregate percentage (typically between 50% and 60%). Candidates should clear Class XII from a recognized board with a minimum of 50% - 60% aggregate marks.

Skills you need for Travel & Tourism 

1. Good communication skills

2. Leadership, ability to research,

3. strong customer focus& presentation skills 

4. Information on current rules and regulations, as well as the documentation required as well as ticketing, passports, visas, etc.

5. Ability to work long hours, a broad understanding of India & world geography.


6. Among the skills required are expertise in computer reservation systems, airfares & ticketing skills, language proficiency, sales skills, experience handling foreign currencies & money, customer service, and geography knowledge of travel & tourism.

Facts about travel and tourism 

  • As the largest earner of foreign exchange in the world, travel & tourism directly or indirectly employs millions of people worldwide.
  • Private travel agents, government tourism departments, and multinational corporations are all part of this industry.
  • These professionals provide services to clients traveling for business or leisure, whether on a tour package, a pilgrimage, an adventure, or casual sightseeing.
  • Employees in this field are required to interact directly with customers, understand their needs, provide excellent service in terms of travel arrangements and options, and make sure they feel comfortable at all times.

The major career options in the travel and tourism industry are:

  • Booking Agent

Booking agents are responsible for fulfilling booking requests from their clients, who can be individuals, families, or groups. This can include train, bus, and other kinds of road transportation, airline, cruise ship, hotel, foreign exchange, and other services. End to end, bookings are typically handled by booking agents.

  • Travel Officer or Travel Counselor 

Travel agents perform a variety of diverse tasks, and most of them work for a company that offers business and leisure trips, ensuring that their clients have a comfortable trip and an enjoyable stay. Additionally, a travel agent ensures that the customers have comfortable accommodations, visas, travel, and foreign exchange. 

  • Tourist Guide

In a guided tour, a guide leads a group of tourists or an individual and they Provide assistance and information about historical sites, religious institutes, museums, sanctuaries, national parks, and places of cultural significance. Tour guides should be knowledgeable about these destinations, their histories, and geographical conditions, as well as other relevant information. The skills needed to become a tour guide include good communication skills, fluency in a foreign language, and knowledge and familiarity with the local area. 

  • Travel Officer

The job of a transport officer typically involves monitoring vehicle establishment programs, maintaining the fleet of vehicles, and approving budgets for ground transportation by a state government or municipal transportation authority

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