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Visual Communication
What is Visual Communication ?

Visual communication is a method of representing information graphically to convey meaning. 

Where do we use it?

 Visual communication is used in so many situations, including conferences, trade shows, websites, social media posts, and office presentations and meetings.

Why visual communication is important?

Visual communication refers to ways of expressing ideas visually in a way that is efficient and helps to convey more information.It's an essential component of any content marketing strategy. You can use visuals to evoke emotions in your audience, provide more concrete examples to support your message, and much more.


Here are some examples of visual communication content:


graphic design


Prints & illustrations


Infographics and many more 

How to pursue visual communication 

You can study for your bachelor's degree in B.Sc Visual Communication - The course duration is three years

You can pursue a Master of Fine Arts, a Master in Visual Design, a Postgraduate Diploma or Master in Animation, a VFX/Special Effects course, Graphic Design, or Web Design after BSc Visual Communication.

What are the career prospects for visual communication?

The field of visual communication (Viscom) has great potential in India as well as abroad. It is a growing field in India.In visual communication, there are many careers in journalism, photography, advertising film production, typography, website development, and more.Many job opportunities are available in and around the world for these courses. 

career opportunities & Jobs in visual communication 

There are many opportunities for visual communication (Viscom) in India and abroad. India is experiencing an increase in interest in this subject. This course offers job opportunities in and around the world, in fields such as Journalism, Advertising, Film Production, Typography, and Web design.

Graphic artists- create artwork used for graphic projects like advertisements and book covers. They may be designers, illustrators, or animators, and even use computers to create the artwork.

Desktop publisher -Publishers create page layouts using desktop publishing software to print or publish electronic publications. During text editing, they may correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. In addition to desktop publishers, writers, editors, and graphic designers typically work in the design, media, or marketing field.

Digital photographers take photographs with digital cameras and edit those images on a computer. Cropping, coloring, enhancing, and reshaping images can be done before they are saved on a hard drive, compact disc, memory card, or flash drive

Work on front-end and back-end development for client websites, develop online creative advertisements, and strategize a plan for client objectives.An animator creates a series of frames that when synchronized together create the illusion of motion - this is animation. An image can be a digital image or a hand-drawn image, a model, or a puppet. res can also be used. In most cases, animators work in 2D, stop-frame, or computer-generated animation.

A cartoonist draws political, advertising, comic, and sports cartoons. Cartoonists often work with others who create ideas and write captions. Others write the plots and captions themselves. Cartoonists often possess comic, critical, or dramatic skills in addition to their drawing skills.

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