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For students interested in sharing information, a library sciences career is a good choice. Library professionals enjoy collecting, organizing, and managing books, magazines, electronic data, and similar materials.


Library Science courses require students to have completed the XII standard. Students who complete a Bachelor's degree in library science are eligible to become librarians 

M.S. in library science is one of the master's degrees options. Certificates and diplomas are also available In Library Science.

Generally, good librarians are passionate about books and cover a wide range of topics, have excellent communication skills, a methodical approach, and possess excellent organizational skills.

Skills a librarian needs 

  • The methodical approach means following certain steps
  •  The organizing ability involves maintaining focus on various tasks, utilizing time, energy, strength, physical space, mindset, etc.
  • patience 
  •  Willingness 
  • Use the Internet effectively for searching for books, magazines, journals, etc. 

You can choose from the following career paths:


Assistant librarian.

Assistant to a professional.

Assistant/Junior Librarian.

Librarian assistant.

Deputy Librarian.

Deputy Chief Librarian/Librarian.

Scientist/Researcher/Application Specialist.

Career Growth 

Working as a junior or assistant librarian will give you experience and higher qualifications you will need to advance either in the same organization or by moving to a different one. With publishing as an option, you can further your studies. An information and library career does not automatically mean that you will be managing a physical library. 

Using this career, you contribute to strengthening the knowledge economy by exploring and organizing knowledge in various forms. 

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