Cracking The Campus Recruitment Drive

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The campus recruitment phase is one of the busiest and toughest phases in our college life. A large number of companies participate in the drive and getting through the interviews is a matter of pride for any student. Recruitments are generally carried out in the final year but it is important to start preparations early. In the post below we will discuss the various aspects of preparation to clear the campus interviews. 

The first step in the preparation phase is to decide on the type of job that would interest you. You must have the aptitude for the jobs you wish to apply for. Once you have decided on this tailor your resume accordingly. Ensure that your resume reflects your skills for the job in a very uncluttered and easy-to-read format. Once you are done with the resume try getting it reviewed by a career counselor at the placement cell. Getting feedback from an expert always helps. 

Next, contact the placement cell of your college and know about the companies visiting the campus. Once you have the list do extensive research about the companies that interest you. Gather complete information on the history of the company. For example details like when it was founded and by whom. Next study about their products and services including any milestones achieved by them in the past. Have an understanding of the industry in which the company operates and its major competitors. Below is a small checklist that could prove to be useful.

  • History
  • Services/Products
  • Different Locations Of the Company
  • Trends and Challenges of the Industry
  • Major Competitors In The Sector
  • Social Media Handle Of The Company

It is important to research as it gives a good first impression on the recruiter. Being a little prepared indicates to your prospective employer your seriousness for the job. Once you have gathered all the requisite information start your preparation for the interview. A general recruitment process is normally carried out in three phases. First is the aptitude test followed by a group discussion and then finally the personal interview. For the first phase that is the aptitude test one can look for resources online. There are various mock tests available that can be used for practice. The motive is to ensure that you are the right fit for the job. In the group discussion round, you will be judged on your ability to interact with others. Practicing mock sessions with your friends can be of great help. Apart from this being aware of the current affairs and the latest trends in the industry is also essential. Never bluff during the discussion and always put your point across with valid facts and figures. Lastly, it is crucial that you maintain the right balance and not be too assertive or submissive. 

The last stage of the process involves a technical cum HR interview. This is quite crucial as it could make or break your chances hence go fully prepared. Primarily ensure that you have a good hold on the technicalities of your subject or area of interest. You must have a good understanding of the skills mentioned in your resume. 

In a scenario, if you do not know the answer to a particular question be gracious enough to accept it. Generally, interviewers create such scenarios to judge your ability to handle extreme situations. Lastly, ensure that you maintain a relaxed and confident body language. 

Theoretical knowledge and preparations are important to crack the campus selections. But eventually, everything boils down to how you conduct yourself during the process. Hence do not be anxious and give your best shot confidently and never fear rejection. 

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