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What is NEET?

  • NEET-PG is also known as the National Eligibility Commitment Entrance Test. Admissions are conducted by the National Board of Examinations. Direct General Health Services (DGHS) offers counseling and seat assignment.

The examination is for admission into postgraduate courses such as a Master of Surgery (MS) or a Doctor of Medicine (MD).

Candidates who qualify can enroll in medical colleges, both private and public. Before appearing for the MCI, MBBS students must do a year of rotational internship. Currently, the All India postgraduate medical entrance exam is used.

Exam Pattern of NEET PG

Each question is clinically based. There is only one language option available. The entrance examination consists of 200 questions.There is a time limit of 3 hours 30 minutes for the exam. Correct answers carry 4 marks, while wrong answers carry negative marks. The question paper carries a total score of 800 points.

  What is NEXT (National Exit Test)?

NEET PG and MCI Screening Test (FMGE) will be replaced by NEXT. Exams will begin in 2023. For all medical graduates, including those from India and abroad, NEXT is a requirement. If you pass the test, you can apply for the internship. The scores or ranks obtained in NEXT determine admission to the postgraduate program. Students can choose from various medical colleges (MD, MS, DNB, MBBS, diplomas) in IndiaThe NEXT examination will be divided into two parts. A National Board of Examination will conduct Exam 1 and Universities and Colleges will conduct Exam 2.

  A Whole New Exam Pattern

Unlike NEET PG, the National Exit Test for MBBS is not an objective test with 300 questions. The first part of the exam will consist of MCQs, while the second part will involve practical skills.

 Difference Between NEET VS NEXT 

You now know what NEET PG and NEET NEXT are, so let's talk about the differences between them.

  • NEXT is a three-day test, while NEET-PG is a one-day test.
  • NEET's question paper is divided into two parts, while NEXT's is divided into six parts.
  • NEET-PG has 300/200 questions, whereas NEET-X has 540 questions.

You must write more than one line for each NEET-PG question. As opposed to the previous questions, the questions for NEXT include three sections (Problem Solving, Comprehension and Analysis, and Recall).

  • NEXT requires practical knowledge, unlike the NEET-PG.

As long as you are from the 2017 batch or thereafter, you shouldn't let NEXT 2022 stop you from planning for NEET-PG.

 There are a number of risk factors to consider

There are many risk factors to consider when applying for NEXT. NEET PG failed candidates do not have access to their preferred PG medical seats. You were still able to study medicine in India despite this. 

Exit exams for MBBS at Next are unusual. If you fail any part of the National Exit Test, you will not be considered for the PG medical course. If you do not pass the MBBS exit exam, you will not be allowed to practice medicine in India as a graduate of an MBBS program.

  What is better - NEXT or NEET PG

It is clear that the National Exit Test for MBBS has no notable disadvantage over NEET-PG since it aims to enhance the quality of doctors in India with a clinically-based, more practical testFurther, this new licensing exam for MBBS would limit many illegal medical practices by inexperienced doctors.

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