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Part Time Jobs

1. An Internet Designer

Part-time web designers are in high demand among young and emerging companies. The position involves creating looks and layouts of websites, in addition to maintaining and updating them. It requires knowledge of graphic design and software programming.

2.Content creator /Copywriters

Part-time content writing or editing jobs could be a great option for you if you are talented at writing. The responsibilities of this job include writing technical documentation, updating the company's website, and composing marketing content. The copywriter writes content for web pages, books, magazines, TV, and movie scripts.

3. Artist/Graphic Designer

An illustrator or graphic designer utilizes programs like Adobe Photoshop to create graphics. A graphic designer creates logos and fonts, web designs, email templates, and virtually any form of custom advertising. Some designers work full time for one company, but for those who are flexible about their schedules, freelance design has great earning potential

4. An accountant

Increasingly, startups are requesting part-time accountants to avoid having to hire a full-time bookkeeper. An important part of an accountant's duties includes managing petty cash and coordinating bank and vendor activities. Accountants are not only responsible for monitoring financial operations on a daily basis, but also for ensuring an organization's financial systems are operating legally and efficiently.

5. Administrator of networking and computer systems

Computer and network systems administrators are responsible for setting up and supporting an organization's internal networks and internet systems. They ensure that everyone is connected efficiently so they can work online. A network and computer systems administrator is also responsible for maintaining network security. Typically, this position requires a degree in computer science or information technology.

6. Research Analyst

Research analysts are responsible for understanding what people want, what they buy, and what they will pay for. The analysts share what they learn with their clients, so they can better understand their consumers. 

7. Home Tutor

Providing tuition for school- and college-bound students from home is a relatively easy way to earn a decent income. In order to establish yourself as a credible home tutor, you must possess the right academic qualifications.

8. Working freelance

As freelancers, you set your own rates and hours for your skill, talent, or product. A freelancer can be a designer, a photographer, a writer, a consultant, Clients are responsible for building their own client base and handling payments.

9. Trainer in a gym 

Help clients lose weight, compete in fitness competitions, and gain weight. You should give your clients exercises that are safe and reasonable. Develop a training program based on the client's goals. Provide training services for individuals or groups.

10. The nanny

The Nanny is in charge of feeding, bathing, and putting the children to bed. As well as organizing activities, helping with homework, and supervising playtime, they may even be responsible for driving children to and from school. 

11. Tour guide

Provide clients with tour company-specific information. Maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards tourists to ensure an outstanding customer experience. Provide information on the tour sites.In some tours, you will be driving a bus or another special vehicle. If so, you will need a license


 12. Photographer

It's a good job for someone who needs a flexible schedule as you'll often work at events on weekends and nights and you can ask local photographers if they need an assistant if you have a DSLR and the ability to capture memorable moments. You can also start a photography business by taking pictures of friends for special events or professional headshots.

13. Manager of social media

Your social media skills will be useful to start-ups and local businesses. Social media managers are responsible for managing the online interactions between businesses and their customers. A few of their duties include structuring digital campaigns around building community online, analyzing engagement data, and identifying trends in customer interactions.

Many of these jobs can also be done remotely, which is perfect for students who are multi-taskers.

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