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Tell Me Something About Yourself may be a common interview question and it's vital that one should answer these questions impressively. It’s the simplest thanks to mentioning those things that aren't written in your resume otherwise you can highlight the already mentioned things.If this answer goes right, as per your expectations, trust me you'll feel inner confidence about yourself which will take your interview to its best from the very start. There are certain things that you simply got to cover while answering this. For freshers, the solution can continue like this: . 1. start with a brief introduction Start together with your name, which is additionally on the resume, but include it because it might be an honest start to your introduction. But find a far better way of claiming it. instead of the bookish way of claiming ‘My name is …….’ If they have already got addressed you together with your name, you'll do an ‘as you already know, I'm ……...’ You could skip this part if you've got a far better ice breaker. The points you must include are Your Name where Do You Come From highest Qualification experience projects list Of Accomplishments With Proof family hobbies My name is [First Name] [Last Name] I stay in [area name]·I even have completed [highest qualification… rather than M. Com. Say Masters in Commerce] in [Year] from [Institute Name]. one quality of yours And Talk about your work experience (if you have) in such a fashion that a standard man can understand 3. Tell About Your Skills skills should be relevant like if you’re going for MARKETING JOB: Interpersonal communication. Good writing ability. Analytical knowledge. Creativity and expression. Influencing and negotiation skills. Team playing. Computer skills. Commercial nous. 4. Mention about your internship and what you have learned from it Talk about why you did those activities and what you learned from them. Talk about confidence, public speaking, communication, interacting with people, or anything you think that you have learned that has added value to you 5. Mention your preferred domain and relevant projects. be relevant to the Job Description. Include your project description and your role not more than two lines. 6. Highlight your achievements- Anything important where you contributed for your nation or society or your college or any institution that you simply were a neighborhood of, are often included here. you'll also prefer to include anything that you simply published, or a private milestone that you simply strived to realize against all odds. and the way does that assist you to align yourself with this role that you’re seeking for. 7. Tell about your Goals Tell them about your goal. Which obviously is to figure within the specific field the work is about. (If you actually want that job) But say things such as you want to ace that specific field. Use big words keeping the goal realistic. 8. Lastly, do mention your hobbies Talk about your hobbies and extra-curricular activities briefly.The interviewer hardly cares about this part aside from the very fact that he just wants to form sure that you are not an uneventful inactive person.You can mention singing and dancing, but confirm you furthermore may mention things relevant to them, like meeting new people, keeping yourself updated, All this could take a minimum of two minutes and a maximum of 4 minutes counting on the interest of the interviewer. always attempt to differentiate yourself from others in how or the opposite..confirm you don’t seem to be narrating a learned answer. Remember to be confident about yourself and be natural. confirm you don’t seem to be narrating a learned answer..! better of luck

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