Career Opportunities In The Banking Sector In India

Career Opportunities

Looking to build a career in the banking sector in India? Check out the different types of jobs that you can apply for depending upon your qualifications. 

Career Opportunities In The Banking Sector In India

The banking system forms the backbone of developed as well as developing nation’s economies. One can say that India as a developing nation is no different. With numerous private and government banks coming up the banking sector in India has seen immense growth in providing career opportunities. There are a wide array of jobs available for both experienced professionals and also entry-level college graduates. In order to apply for one, it is essential that we understand the types of jobs available. Primarily there are four types of bank jobs today that offer a lucrative career. Let us understand the qualification requirements and other criteria related to each one of them in detail.

Office Assistants

The first in the category is the clerical posts also known by the name office assistants. These are generally entry-level jobs and require you to be a 12 std pass out or equivalent. Apart from this working knowledge of computers and English is desirable and an added advantage. The KRA of the clerical job profiles generally includes maintaining accounts or reports, interacting with the customers, and other such administration-related jobs. To be precise they are designated office assistants to people working at the managerial level.

Probationary Officers

A probationary Officer or commonly referred to as the PO is a lucrative career option for those aspiring to enter the banking sector. It is a white-collar job that offers great career prospects in the future. This is considered to be an entry-level position when you join as an officer. Once you are inducted as a PO, you will be required to undergo training in various departments. This helps you get acquainted with the working procedures of the bank. The candidate is required to work as a PO for a minimum period of 2 years before being promoted to the higher rank i.e. Assistant Manager. 

Managers/Assistant Managers

These job profiles in most of the banks are generally filled by internal promotions or internal exams conducted by the bank. People working as a manager would be required to oversee the day to day affairs of the entire branch. While the Assistant Manager is the first point of contact to the manager. Apart from assisting the manager in running the banking operations, the AM is also required to bring in new customers to boost revenues for the bank.

Specialist Officers

Today with the growing competition the demand for specialist officers is also increasing. These officers can play a critical role in improving the overall efficiency of the bank’s functions and processes. Specialist Officers are generally inducted in departments like Marketing, Corporate Banking, Engineering, Agricultural Banking, Law, Human Resource, etc. The recruitments of such officers are done depending upon there educational backgrounds and area of expertise.

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