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Ceramic Engineering

What is Ceramic Engineering?

Objects made from inorganic and non-metallic materials are called ceramics. Using ceramic engineering, these objects can be molded and designed. The principles of ceramic engineering combine chemistry, physics, and engineering. Examples of ceramic sciences applied to everyday life include fiber-optic devices, microprocessors, and solar panelsCeramic engineering and research are established as a field of science due to their multi-billion dollar industry. There are many items that make use of ceramic, including light bulbs, jet engines, computers, cars, and many household appliances.

Career Scope

 The use of ceramic materials is on the rise since it is an efficient and low-cost material. Almost anything that uses ceramics, from ceramic teeth, bone, and fiber optic cables for surgery, to ceramic superconductors and lasers, requires ceramic engineering. Recent advancements in medicine, such as bio-ceramics, have greatly increased the applications of ceramics. In fact, ceramic engineering is a booming industry.

What are the duties of a Ceramic Engineer? 

It is the responsibility of a Ceramic engineer to use ceramics to manufacture various products. Ceramic engineers have the following roles and responsibilities. Ceramic engineers: Develops methods of processing non-metallic inorganic materials into ceramic products such as fiber optics products, glassware, coatings for space vehicles, pollution control devices, and nuclear fuel components. Produces ceramic products according to specifications after doing research, product development, and production. As well as developing heat tiles for space shuttles and supersonic aircraft. Replace human body parts with ceramic teeth, bones, and joints. 

Provides products such as ceramic superconductors, lasers, and optical fibers. Contribute to the development of materials that surround and support aircraft engines.By building highways and bridges with ceramics, he discovers innovative ways to strengthen infrastructure

 How to become a Ceramic Engineer? 

Ceramic engineers must have a bachelor's degree in ceramic engineering. Ceramic engineering is a four-year course that takes place full-time.There are a variety of career paths available for ceramic engineers in various fields such as medicine, mining, aerospace, food, chemical, electronics, refinery, industrial, electric, and guided light wave transmission. Ceramic engineers can also work in the following fields:

The ceramic engineer can find employment in a wide variety of production industries in hospitals, and research laboratories. Design firms Ceramic ware factories Construction services Research and testing companies. Tableware and sanitary ware factories Glass bulbs factories Enamels factories Kitchenware factories Decorative ware factories.

Some of the job profiles of a ceramic engineer are: 

Ceramic Technologist.

An engineer certified in ceramic technology studies, researches and develops ceramic materials, plans and develops processing systems, designs and builds plants and machinery in conjunction with other engineers, and implements the appropriate design and operational processes

Ceramic Designer.

Ceramic designers design and make ceramic products ranging from tableware to kitchenware, to sculpture, to jewelry, to garden pots and tiles, that are then produced by firing clay, porcelain, bone china and stoneware.

Production Worker.

Production Workers typically work for factories or manufacturing plants to help assemble products and monitor manufacturing equipment for product defects. They work closely with other Production Workers to check product quality and complete assembly tasks by set deadlines.

Top Colleges in India that offer Ceramic Engineering 

Anna University, Chennai 

College of Engineering and Technology, Bikaner

 College of Engineering, Andhra University 

Government College of Engineering and Ceramic Technology 

Indian Institute of Technology - Banaras Hindu University 

Rajasthan Technical University, Kota 

University of Calcutta, Kolkata 

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